Snow Sweeper solves traffic obstacles?

- Jul 21, 2020-

Snow Sweeper solves traffic obstacles


How does the snow sweeper solve the traffic problem?

In the north, ice and snow often accumulate in winter, especially on ramps, turns, intersections, airport runways and other road sections. Snow and ice accumulate more seriously, often causing traffic accidents.

As China's current snow removal methods are relatively primitive, they are mainly manual methods. It not only wastes a lot of manpower and material resources, but also wastes the efficiency of clearing snow, and often fails to clear the snow. The compaction of vehicles increases the difficulty of clearing snow. However, the use of snow removal equipment effectively solves the above-mentioned problems of everyone.


During the production and processing of snow removal equipment, foreign patented technology is mainly used. It has strong power and strong snow suction characteristics. Its snow throwing head is 10-15 meters, it can walk and retreat automatically, and the operator only needs to master the direction.


The PN110 snow blower we produce is a very practical product, which greatly reduces manual labor, saves costs, and improves work efficiency.


Therefore, snow removal equipment can solve traffic obstacles to a certain extent.


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