with snow sweepers, it is no longer difficult to travel in winter

- Jul 27, 2020-

With snow sweepers, it is no longer difficult to travel in winter

The sweeper is our common snow removal equipment. Ordinary people need simple tools to remove snow. In fact, in addition to simple snow removal equipment, we also produce high-performance hand-push snow sweeper, which greatly reduces labor costs and improves work efficiency.

The snow sweeper we produce are made of special materials, which have good rigidity, high hardness, ice breaking, wear resistance, impact resistance, and no brittleness. The material is easy to weld, has high bending strength, small local deformation, and good durability. Improve the stability of the snowplow quality.

snow sweeper

Currently, many units also use smaller snow blowers to remove snow from sidewalks, trails, and bicycle paths. These snow removal environments are generally small areas with uneven ground and weak snow removal, so large equipment is not suitable for these areas. The snowplow can play its function, walking and power as much as possible here. Both of these devices effectively solve the user's problem of snow removal.

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