Which kind of problems will lead to the scrubber don't have water?

- Jan 15, 2020-

Scrubber-drier is no stranger to the present society. There are many places where it appears. They widely used on supermarkets, hospitals, hotels, garages, etc. It's clean and efficient, but it's hard to avoid big and small problems when it's used for a long time. So what's the reason why the scrubber-drier doesn't discharge water? Now I will introduce the reason one by one.

floor scrubber

There will be have four reasons will lead to the scrubber-drier don't have water:

1. Check the clean water filter of the scrubber-drier to confirm if there is any blockage of foreign matters and garbage. If there is any blockage, clean it in time.

2. Check whether the water pipe between the filter and the water tank is blocked, and then check whether the water pipe between the filter and the brush is blocked. If it is blocked, clean it in time.

3. Check whether the water valve is damaged or inflexible, if yes, please replace it in time.

4. Check whether the electronic valve is damaged. If it is damaged, replace it in time

driving scrubber drier