What should the snow sweeper pay attention to when sweeping snow?

- Aug 11, 2020-

What should the snow sweeper pay attention to when sweeping snow?

In the north, there is more snow in winter, snow and ice will appear on the road, which will lead to traffic accidents. At this time, snow sweepers can be used. What should be paid attention to in the use of snow sweepers?

1. Check whether there are loose parts or oil leakage, and repair them before starting the snow sweeper

2. First turn on the snow sweeper and let it idle for 2 minutes to make the engine warm up

3. It is forbidden to carry out any maintenance in the process of using the snow sweeper

4. Please keep your body away from dangerous parts and make sure the snow mouth is clear

5. Pay attention to potential hazards or traffic accidents when crossing roads or sidewalks

6. In case of abnormal noise, please turn off the snow sweeper immediately

7. Please turn off the snow sweeper when cleaning the surface and lifting mouth of the snow sweeper. Before checking or repairing, make sure the rotating parts stop working completely

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