What should be pay attention when the floor sweeper is used in the workshop?

- Jun 16, 2020-

Now more and more factory workshops are using ride on floor sweeper,during using it, misoperation will damage the worker or the machine, so what should be pay attention when the ride on floor sweeperis used in the workshop?

1.During use the driving type floor sweeper, do not go up a slope with too much slope, which will damage the chassis of the sweeper.

2.The driving speed should be suitable when using it,in this way, it can avoid that the friction between the brush and the ground increases and the side brush and the main brush deform due to too fast speed, thus increasing the service life of the brush.

3.The dustbin should be cleaned in time, it can avoid the influence of full load of garbage can on the sweeping effect of sweepe. It is still necessary to work according to the bearing range of the machine.

Correct use of the driving sweeper will help to extend the service life of the sweeper. In order to use the sweeper effectively, we must pay attention to the above problems in the use process.

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