How about the sweeper and its principle

- Jun 01, 2020-

How about the sweeper and its principle

The rapid advancement of technology has brought faster and more effective cleaning methods to our enterprises. The birth of sweepers has made cleaning more efficient, easy, and environmentally friendly. More and more companies and property companies pay more attention to environmental issues.

Electric floor sweeper

The sweeper is applicable to all kinds of environmental places. For example, it is much more convenient to use the sweeper to clean the workshop than to use the sweeper for manual cleaning. There will be a lot of dust pollution to the workshop environment when using the sweeper for manual cleaning, but there will be no secondary dust when using the sweeper for cleaning, which can be cleaned at one time. For the small stones, dust, leaves and other sweepers beside the road can be effectively cleaned. Because of its small size, the sweeper can be applied to various corners and narrow roadsides. And the operation is simple, because there is no electric control parts inside, it is very convenient to clean the machine after the work.

The working principle of the sweeper is to generate power by manual progress. It can work all the time without worrying about the power problem. It uses the power of human progress to let the wheel drive the belt to make the brush rotate. The two front brushes of the sweeper will rotate and broadcast the garbage on the side of the road and at the corner of the wall to gather the garbage as much as possible, and then use the rolling sweeping of the main brush to move the garbage Clean income box. It is not only easy to operate, but also easy to maintain.

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