What should be paid attention to when cleaning epoxy floor with floor scrubber?

- Mar 02, 2020-

It is very suitable to use electric floor scrubber dryer for epoxy floor, such as underground parking lot, factory and other places. Generally, the cost of epoxy floor is relatively high. If the floor is not cleaned well, it will cause serious damage to the ground, but manual cleaning is expensive, so more and more customers are willing to choose electric floor scubber for ground cleaning.

When cleaning the epoxy paint floor with the electric floor scrubber, do not use the hard brush, but use the needle plate cleaning pad or the soft brush. If the brush is too hard, the long time of cleaning the floor will remove the luster of the floor, which will seriously damage the floor. The traditional floor cleaner uses the mop to drag the floor, causing water marks everywhere on the floor, causing the ground to be slippery, especially It's easy to cause the old man to slip. Besides, the ground is still dirty after the water is dried by the wind, and there is still a lot of soil.

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But the electric floor scrubber can let the clean water rotate through the scrubber brush plate, so as to achieve the cleaning of the ground, and then the ground sewage is sucked clean through the water absorption device, so that the ground is spotless. This is an effect that traditional cleaning cannot achieve. One equipment is equivalent to eight cleaning personnel cleaning the ground, and the driving full-automatic washing machine reduces the labor intensity of cleaning workers and improves the working efficiency. Therefore, it is a very good choice to use electric floor scrubber dryer for epoxy floor.

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