How to clean the epoxy floor correctly with the hand push washer?

- Feb 27, 2020-

How to clean the epoxy floor correctly with the hand push washer?

As a common equipment in the field of cleaning and environmental protection, more and more users choose to use it to complete efficient and fast cleaning work. Especially the hand push washing machine, which is convenient and simple to operate, is more favored by users. Especially for the cleaning of cement floor and epoxy floor in the factory, the effect is more remarkable. How to operate the hand push type when cleaning the welcome floor?


1.Clean up rubbish

Clean the epoxy floor once, especially the large garbage, which will affect the cleaning effect, so it is necessary to clean it in time.

2. Water injection

According to the cleaning area, inject proper amount of water into the cleaning tank of the washing machine, and add appropriate amount of industrial low foam cleaning agent according to the degree of oil pollution on the ground. If necessary, add proper amount of defoaming agent


3. Switch on

Put down the brush disc, unscrew the key, open the brush disc and water absorption switch, and adjust the water volume properly.

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4. Uniform cleaning

At this time, the floor washer can be pushed to clean the epoxy floor at a constant speed


5. Closing switch

After the work is completed, turn off the brush disc switch, lift it up, turn off the water absorption switch, and then turn off the key switch


6. Rinse with water

Push the washing machine to a safe place, discharge the sewage, clear water and wash.


7. Dry and place

Dry the floor washer and place it in a dry and ventilated place.

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