Multipurpose Steam Carpet Extractor

1.Multipurpose Steam Carpet Extractor PE24 is a high performance multipurpose carpet extractor to collect dust and clean for carpet, sofa, curtain and car cushion.
2.It has performance of multi-purpose, easy operation, and strong dust collecting ability.
3.Intelligent operation, simple and easy with wide application.

Product Details

Introduction of Multipurpose Steam Carpet Extractor

Multipurpose Steam Carpet Extractor PE24 has performance of multi-purpose, easy operation, and strong dust collecting ability. Intelligent operation, simple and easy with wide application.

Features of Multipurpose Steam Carpet Extractor

1. Super cleanliness. It can sweep all stains, equipped with high speed nozzle, vacuum suction, imported suction pump, and automatic recovery of sewage.

2.Wide cleaning area, 345mm brush head, suitable for large and medium-sized space cleaning.

3.24L large capacity separation water tank, convenient to operate seperately.  

4. 23L large capacity separation water tank,convenient to operate seperately.

5. 10m long power cord + 2.5m soft hose for a larger range of working space.

6. Equipped with external tapping head and built-in extra plug.

7.Stainless steel telescopic tube

Contraction length:670mm

Stretching length:1380mm

Our products:

At present, the company's products have covered various cleaning areas. The company's products have a better response in domestic and foreign markets. The requirements for products are very strict. The quality of the products represents our company. At the same time, we also attach great importance to after-sales service, so that customers can buy with confidence and peace of mind.



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carpet sweepersweeper

sweeperTechnical datas:


Soft Hose   Length (m)

Cable Length   (m)

Water/   Recovery Tank (L)

Clear Width   (mm)







1.  How could we know the quality, if we want to order your products?

At present, so many people in the world to use Chinese products, because of the high quality and most competitive prices. We are professional manufacturer in supplying  cleaner machine. Anyway, confirming our products quality, a small trial order for testing will be necessary.

2. We make payment for you, what we should do if you don’t send us our order? And what’s your payment terms?

Firstly, we promise that will never happen. We do understand what our new customer worry about. We accept various terms of payment, including L/C, T/T, Paypal and West union. You can choose the best one for you.


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