What's the Advantage of Our Produced Multifunctional Snow Sweeper?

- Mar 04, 2021-

1. Our Multifunctional Snow Sweeper is based on Italy BCS multi-purpose snow cleaning machine to develop, according to our tests and customer feedback, the quality and performance of the machine are similar to the Italian brand. In addition, our machine also with a differential, which is the similar quality as BCS732, and such as for gear box, clutch, universal joint these key parts are very durable, usually not damaged.
2. This type snow sweeper is use Gear Drive, the machine is more powerful, durable and with high transmission efficiency. In addition, the mainframe is belong to Multi-functional and can be used with different attachments.

3. All of our machine is use international famous brand LONCIN engine, its quality is more guaranteed.

Multifunctional Snow Sweeper

4. About the brush, our company is use mix of Nylon+Steel Wire Material.
5. This type Snow Sweeper is use Electric start and Manual start, the handlebar can be adjusted 180° left and right, and handle can be adjusted up and down seven gears.
6. About the product wheel, our company is use the same type 5.00-10 herringbone tire as BCS. And also can use the special vacuum tire for snow, which is more anti-skid and durable.
7. If you use the machine to clean the snow, the warranty of the machine is two years, except for the quick-wear parts.

Multifunctional Snow Sweeper