Electric Industrial Floor Scrubber Machine

1.Electric Industrial Floor Scrubber Machine is powerful, and capable of cleaning requirements in the industrial environment of heavy oil.
2.Besides, it has enough compactness and flexibility to deal with the large area of cleaning task quickly and effectively.
3.It is mainly used in shopping center, departure hall, factory and logistics warehouse.

Product Details

Part I: Advantage of Electric Industrial Floor Scrubber Machine

1.Amer Propelling Motor, AMETEK Suction Motor,PG Controller.

2.Special designed floating switch stops suction motor automatically once these wage tank is full.

3.Big capacity tank & wide brush width make cleaning more efficient.

4.Compared with disc brush, roller brush has better cleaning performance on rough ground.

5.IC and LCD screen, and can accurately understand the power usage and the use of time.

Electric Industrial Floor Scrubber Machine

Part II: Introduction of Electric Industrial Floor Scrubber Machine

1.Hand push battery washing machine is applied to all sectors, such as supermarkets, factory, train stations, subway stations, schools, house, warehouses and other terrestrial use.

2.High efficiency, the machine went spotless cleaning, dry scrubbing off the ground, no residual traces of water.

3.Dirty water, mud, sand all sucked into the sewage tank, especially the oil spill on the floor cleaned as new, the less artificial.

4.The sewage recovery system allows the ground to be basically dry and helps reduce slippage to accidents.

floor scrubberElectric Industrial Floor Scrubber Machine

Part III: Our company

Our company mainly provide cleaning machine for many years, we are committed to becoming the world's leading manufacturer and operator of comprehensive cleaning equipment. For example, this product sells well all over the country and is exported to more than 30 countries and regions in the world. With a global strategic vision, and with strong technical force and perfect market service system, it continuously expands domestic and international markets.

We are adhere to business concept of “ Faith, Quality, Efficiency”, Try to be professional. We strongly believe that high quality product, reasonable price and faithful service will make you satisfies.

If you interested in it, please contact me!


Electric Industrial Floor Scrubber Machine

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