The right way to clean soft home furnishings

- Feb 05, 2020-

How to clean the soft home furnishings properly:

The cleaning of fabric sofa needs to be done from inside to outside.

The most correct way is to use the professional equipment with the spray pump function. On the premise of not removing the sofa cloth cover, first use the high-efficiency cleaner to spray the sofa as a whole, so that the stains can be decomposed and separated in an instant.

The main body of the fiber is sprayed with disinfectant to the sofa for secondary sterilization. At the same time, the equipment quickly recovers the decomposed stains to the sewage water tank to realize one-step stain treatment and sofa cleaning.

In addition, the stubborn stains of fabric sofa need to be treated separately.

According to different stain attributes, prepare targeted chemicals to spray on the stubborn dirt, and then use a soft brush to brush gently according to the texture of the cloth, so that the chemicals can fully penetrate the pollution source and quickly decompose the stains.

After cleaning, use the spray function of the pumping equipment to suck the stains away.

How to clean the soft decoration home properly and how to make the soft decoration get effective nursing at the same time of cleaning has always been the research topic of every organization. 10 years ago, the birth of the principle of pumping and washing accelerated the cleaning of soft home furnishings. 

With the innovation speed of washing technology, the principle of pumping can not only wash the soft goods in depth, but also has the maintenance function of combing the texture of soft goods and quickly absorbing the residual chemicals.

With over 90% recovery effect, the nursing cleaning method has extended the service life of the soft goods, and will soon become the standard of the global soft goods cleaning industry. The carpet pumping equipment has also become the only recommended equipment of the international carpet "maintenance and cleaning standard".

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