Hotel Carpet Cleaner machine

- Feb 05, 2020-

Hotel Carpet Cleaner machine

Carpet cleaning is not the same as washing clothes with a washing machine. Various kinds of dust are deposited in the deep layer of the carpet, and it is not clean even with a brush. A lot of residues, such as drinks and food, are often dropped on the carpet. If it is not cleaned in time, it will emit an unpleasant odor after a period of time, and the stains on the carpet are difficult to clean.


So what's a good way to clean the carpet? In fact, using a carpet cleaner can easily clean up dirty carpets. The carpet washing machine adopts a 2HP7.2 inch diameter and a water-absorbing motor imported from abroad, which can be washed and dried.

The carpet cleaner has a full stainless steel frame and electric harrow head, which is durable; stainless steel nozzle, high pressure spray, and special glass fiber body.

In the cleaning of carpets, the carpet cleaning machine cleans the carpets with 2800 vibration brushes per minute, and easily cleans the depths of the carpets. Moreover, the strong suction will completely recover the sewage, so that the carpets will dry out quickly and can be used again soon.

So don't worry if the carpet is dirty. You can use the carpet cleaner to clean it quickly. The carpet cleaner is especially suitable for hotels and other places to easily solve the difficult problem of carpet cleaning.