The Floor Scrubber Mechanism and Classification

- Nov 16, 2019-

The Floor Scrubber mechanism is shown as follow:

1, The brush disk motor drives the brush head, cleans the ground, and plays a better cleaning effect under the action of cleaning liquid agent. 

2. Under the action of suction motor and scraping water accumulation, the sewage suction tank on the ground is removed from the scene. 

3, water tank-independent water tank or diaphragm water tank, respectively filled with clean water and sewage. 

4. There are two ways of power supply, one is alternating current, the other is direct current, that is, battery or battery. 

5, driving mode: driving with power, easy to control, labor-saving, more efficient; driving without power, relatively laborious. 

Floor Scrubber Classification: 

The classification of the Floor Scurbber according to the drive mode of the washing machine, can be divided into: semi-automatic ground washing machine, automatic ground washing machine, manual washing machine; according to the power supply mode, it can be divided into: wire type ground washing machine, battery type ground washing machine; according to the operation form of the ground washing machine, it can be divided into: hand push type ground washing machine, driving type ground washing machine.