The difference between electric sweeper and gasoline sweeper, which is better?

- Mar 26, 2021-

The difference between electric sweeper and gasoline sweeper, which is better?

Our common sweepers are generally divided into two categories, one is electric sweeper, the other is gasoline sweeper. At present, sweepers can be seen everywhere, used in factories, hospitals, streets and other places, simple operation, saving manpower and material resources.

1. Power source

Electric sweeper: battery is used as power source, pure electric 0 emission, charging for 6-8 hours, easy to use, simple to operate.

Fuel powered sweeper: using gasoline or diesel as fuel, it has long driving time and high cleaning efficiency, but it is noisy and easy to pollute the environment.

2. Daily use cost

The electric sweeper needs to be charged for 8 hours every day. According to the industrial power consumption of 1 yuan / kWh, the daily electricity charge of each sweeper is about 4 yuan/.

The daily fuel consumption of the fuel sweeper is about 5 liters, and the daily fuel cost of each vehicle is about 30 yuan.

3. Consumables cost

The electric sweeper needs to replace the brush every three months, each set of brush is about 600 yuan.

Fuel sweeper also needs to replace brush every three months, about 1000 yuan per set of brush.

4. Maintenance

Compared with the fuel sweeper, the electric sweeper has simple structure and simple maintenance

Fuel sweeper needs to be maintained and repaired by special personnel, and the cost is relatively high.

From the above points of view, both electric sweeper and fuel sweeper have their own advantages, and the sweeper that can meet their own needs is suitable.