Ten most popular cleaning equipment in the cleaning field (4)

- Feb 04, 2021-

9. Carpet cleaning equipment

As a cleaning company, cleaning carpets is inevitable. A complete set of carpet cleaning machines can make cleaning services more professional. Carpet cleaning machines are divided into carpet dry cleaning machines, carpet extraction machines, and steam cleaning machines. The carpet dry cleaning machine cleans the carpet by foaming. It can be quickly dried after washing. It can be put into use in about 2 hours, but it can only clean the surface of the carpet. It is a medium-term maintenance carpet model; because of the long-term use of dry foam cleaning, There is too much dirt accumulated in the carpet. At this time, a carpet extraction machine should be used, which can thoroughly clean the roots of the carpet, while spraying water, scrubbing and absorbing sewage. The three-in-one function is a long-term maintenance carpet model. The floor scrubbing machine and heavy-duty stone crystal surface machine introduced above can also clean the carpet easily. Except for the carpet extraction machine, other machines need to be equipped with a water suction machine for sewage recycling after washing the carpet, and then use a carpet blower for drying.


10. Escalator cleaning equipment

There are many cleaning services contracted by cleaning companies. Some high-end commercial buildings and property communities will have escalators on the upper and lower floors. The flow of people taking the escalator is relatively large. The dust brought by the flow of people is also easy to fall into the escalator, and it is difficult to clean normally. At this time, it is the most ideal match to equip the escalator cleaning machine. Just put this machine on the lower end of the escalator machine, and the escalator machine will be turned on normally, and it can automatically clean and sweep away dust.

Escalator Cleaning  Machine 4