Ten most popular cleaning equipment in the cleaning field (2)

- Jan 25, 2021-

4, vacuum cleaning equipment

Cleaning companies mainly use commercial vacuum cleaners, bucket vacuum cleaners, upright vacuum cleaners, and back vacuum cleaners. The cost of the bucket vacuum cleaner is lower, but its vacuum rake can only suck the dust on the surface of the carpet, while the upright type can suck the garbage at the root of the carpet, mainly because its suction rake with a roller brush, combing the carpet hair while removing dust and garbage When the vibration comes out, it is sucked away by the strong suction in time. The purchase cost is much higher than that of bucket vacuum cleaners, and the domestic use rate is not high. Back-mounted vacuum cleaners are mainly used in places where bucket and upright types cannot be cleaned, such as high-altitude vacuuming in the lobby, home ceilings and other cleaning obstacles that require more convenient operation.


5, blowing cleaning equipment

It is a necessary cleaning equipment for cleaning work. It is used in places that are prone to dampness such as building entrances, halls or bathrooms. Dry the ground in time to effectively prevent people from falling due to slippery floors. There are ordinary three-speed hair dryers and luxury hair dryers. The difference is that the luxury type has a push-wheel handle, which is convenient to use. It is mainly used to dry the floor, carpet, etc., and can also be used as a moisture drain in humid weather.