How to use hand push sweeper machine?

- Jul 20, 2020-

Manual sweeper is one kind of equipment with exquisite design and unique technology.And this kind of machine don't need any power source.After cleaning, you just need to push to the garbage site for recycling, the clean up and collect at the same time.

how to use manual sweeper bring high efficiency for us? Today, I'd like to introduce how to use the hand push sweeper:

1.If the cleaning ares is big, and is cleaning light material, such as leaves,paper, etc., the front end of the sweeper is lifted up slightly by pressing the operating lever downward.As long as you clean up the light garbage, you have to do this operation.

2.Occasionally vibrate the filter when using the hand push floor sweeper.

3.If the cleaning place is too wet, please lock the suction door, so that the dust filter will not be blocked.

4.Pay attention to the safety of hand push sweeper in the process of use, avoid jogging it.

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