How to prolong the service life of sweeper battery?

- Jan 02, 2020-

The on-board power battery of floor sweeper must be periodically charged. High efficiency charging device and fast charging device are necessary auxiliary equipment for sweeper machine. Ground charging pile, vehicle charger, contact charger and induction charger can be used for charging. 

floor sweeper

It should be pointed out that no matter lithium-ion battery or lead-acid battery is used as the power source of vehicle, the battery should not be recharged after consuming the stored electric energy, but should be recharged in time as long as there are charging conditions during the driving process of vehicle. The lower limit of discharge capacity is an important parameter for design.

Secondly, the parameters such as current, voltage, depth of discharge point and supplementary energy should be detected. Find out the bad condition in time, so as to maintain the maximum utilization rate of the battery pack of the sweeper, improve the power performance of the road sweeper machine, and extend the driving mileage, and prolong the service life of sweeper battery.

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