How to Maintain Scrubber-drier Machine in Winter ?

- Jan 17, 2020-

Whether hand push scrubber machine or driving type floor scrubber, they are all use general maintenance free battery power. If it is used in winter, the battery will be influenced when low ambient temperature, but there will be no problem in summer.

Due to the use of pure battery as the power, because the impact of temperature on the battery will cause the use of time greatly reduced in winter. If the use environment is the indoor, the performance is not very obvious, but when it comes to outdoor use, the working time will be halved.

floor scrubber

The other reason is icing. Ice often occurs in the north in winter. Drainage must be considered for places with poor service conditions. If the water (sewage and clear water) of the automatic floor washing machine is not discharged, it will damage to freeze the filter cup, water pump and water tank. You must pay attention to it.

Therefore, the fully automatic floor scrubber machine should be kept indoors and almost indoors to avoid freezing damage in winter.

driving scrubber drier