How to extend the service life of the floor scrubber battery?

- Dec 31, 2020-

The use of washing machines floor scrubber is becoming more and more popular, and washing machine batteries as their energy source are irreplaceable accessories. A set of high-quality washing machine batteries can make the washing machine extremely brave. The maintenance of the washing machine battery is very important. For a long time, many users have consulted the most about the service life of the washing machine battery. Today, we will explain to you how to deal with the washing machine during daily use. The battery is maintained well to extend the service life of the floor scrubber battery.

(1) After receiving the new scrubber, fully charge the battery before using the machine. When charging, connect the charging port of the scrubber to the charger first, and then plug the charger into the power socket; When the green light is on, it means the battery is fully charged.

(2) When the new machine is not in use, charge it once every three months, otherwise the battery will lose power.

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(3) The wiring of the washing machine battery should be intact, and the joint connection should be kept tight. It is necessary to regularly check whether the wiring of the scrubber battery is damaged and whether the connector is loose.

(4) During the use and charging of the washing machine battery, the battery cover of the washing machine should be kept closed. The battery bottle of the scrubber should be kept clean, free of dust and corrosion. More than one scrubber battery may be used in one device, and old and new scrubber batteries should not be mixed.

The washing machine battery is the heart of the washing machine, and it constantly delivers nutrition to the washing machine. Take good care of it, it will last longer to use it, and it will better facilitate our daily life.

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