What's the advantage of ride on floor sweeper?

- May 25, 2020-

The ride on floor sweeper is uses the source battery as the power, takes the driving vehicle as the prototype, and installs the combination of brush and roll brush. So what's the advantage of the ride on floor sweeper?

1.High working efficiency: At least 6000 square meters can be cleaned per hour, and save the working time.

2. Low cost: Electric sweeper machine can replace 5-10 people cleaning, save a lot of labor wages, welfare benefits and deal with the problem of wage increase.

floor sweeper

3. Good effect: The electric sweeper adopts the combination of sweeping and suction, which is much cleaner than the traditional manual sweeping.

4. High safety performance: Keep clean workers in a safe environment.

5. High economic return: The daily cost is only 1.5USD(charging, consumables, wear and tear). 

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ride on floor sweeper