Electric sweeper instead of manual cleaning is an inevitable trend in the cleaning industry

- Jan 20, 2020-

Electric sweeper instead of manual cleaning is an inevitable trend in the cleaning industry

China has gradually become an international commercial power, and there are many large logistics companies comparable to foreign countries. These companies not only lead the development of the industry, but also possess highly automated and modern equipment and matching warehouses.

It is understood that most companies still use manual cleaning methods that are not compatible with their high mechanization. Not only factories, storage areas, dock yards, campuses, roads, but also some warehouses with foods, medicines, electronics, precision instruments, etc., which have strict requirements on hygiene, are also using the broom to move garbage, and the dust still resides on the site. High-quality sweepers solve this problem.

The advantages of sweepers

First, it can use its dual capabilities of cleaning and vacuuming to recover ground garbage and raised dust, and change the space environment of production and products without secondary pollution from dust.

Second, simple operation: The electric sweeper is easy to operate, has flexible control, turns in place, and can operate freely even if you have not driven a car.

3. It can use its cleaning speed to quickly create a clean environment and help improve production efficiency.

Fourth, it can improve the image and level of corporate health conditions.

Fifth, it can save costs and put the saved human resources into the production link to create higher efficiency.

Tips for driving a sweeper easily:

1. First of all, we should carefully read the relevant instruction manual before driving the sweeper, and grasp the operation sequence of each functional component. For those who have not driven the sweeper, they should also perform a simple training before using it, focusing on mastering each Precautions and contingencies.

2. Secondly, when driving the sweeper to clean the ground, you should visually check the area that can be cleaned in a single time, and when cleaning back and forth, pay attention to the cleaning of the sidelines to prevent blind spots and the uncleanness of the ground that the sweeper's roller brushes and side brushes cannot take into account The problem.

3. At the same time, for safety reasons, we should grasp a reasonable speed when driving the sweeper, not too fast or too slow, and the sweeper can only pass through the ground with a slope less than 18 degrees and a turn less than 15 degrees. In order to protect the sweeper, the road surface with heavy water, snow or potholes should be cleaned manually.

4. When driving the sweeper, we should always pay attention to the battery power and timely replenish it to prevent the sweeper from running out of power. In addition, the sweeper cannot be used on rainy days, and it cannot be driven to a place with dense crowds, nor can it be driven on a highway.

5. Finally, when using the sweeper, you must always pay attention to whether the dust box is full and dump it in a timely manner. After each use, you need to clean it in time to keep the sweeper dry and clean. Check the wear of each roller brush and side brush, and make appropriate adjustments and replacements.

6. The sweeper is very practical, cheap, and the work efficiency can replace 8 cleaning workers. It does not require power cords and batteries and any power source. It is a pure mechanical transmission maintenance-free cleaning tool. Just push and walk to collect garbage. Go to the dustbin and clean the sweeper at the same time as the collection.

No matter in terms of sanitary environment or benefits, the use of sweeping machines can be matched with automated equipment, showing a modern industrial model.

Electric sweepers instead of manual sweeping are an inevitable trend in the cleaning industry and a revolution in the cleaning industry.