Does the Steam Car Washer Really Not Damage the Car Paint?

- Apr 01, 2021-

Whether the car paint will be damaged by steam car washer is a topic of concern to every car owner. Today, I'd like to answer your questions:

First, we can learn the principle of steam car washing machine:

1) Steam car washing machine is to change water into steam after heating, and the steam will condense into water on the surface of the car body quickly, and then the dirt will be washed away quickly by steam pressure. Steam can not only disinfect, but also decontaminate. At the same time, it has strong thermal degradation physical characteristics, which can quickly dissolve the sticky properties of sediment and stains. The dirt softens when heated and is very easy to remove under the steam jet with pressure. When the high pressure is sprayed on the surface of the car body, the temperature of the low-temperature steam ejected is 50 ℃, and the steam pressure reaches 220-260 M / S (the flow rate exceeds the level of Hurricane 17), so that the contaminated objects adhering to the car paint surface can be swept away.

steam car washer

2) The steam used for car washing is low-temperature steam, which does not exceed the limit temperature of car paint and rubber. The temperature of car paint is baked at 170 ℃ in the paint baking room. As long as it does not exceed this temperature, the paint surface and rubber parts of the car will never be damaged.

3) The steam temperature at the spray gun outlet of the steam car washing machine is 100-120 ℃. However, in the process of car washing, the distance between the spray gun outlet and the car body is 8-10 cm. When the steam is ejected 10 cm from the outlet, part of the temperature will dissipate. At this time, the steam temperature is only about 50 ℃ and can be touched directly by hands, so the paint will not be damaged at all. In summer, especially for black cars, when they are put in the sun, the surface temperature of the car paint reaches 60 degrees. Steam cleaning is only 50 degrees, and it can't hurt the car paint if it has been washed. Moreover, the steam will decompose the sludge on the surface of the car body, so that it can be washed quickly.

According to life experience, we can know that the effect of using cold water and hot water when washing things is quite different. At this point, will you be confused about whether the car paint will be damaged by steam? It's said that the car washing machine hurts the car paint. In fact, it's all the imagination of some people.

steam car washer