Driving Type Floor Scrubber

1.For floor scrubber we have two different types, the one is hand push floor scrubber, the other is driving type floor scrubber.
2.Generally speaking, driving type floor scrubber working efficiency is higher than hand push floor scrubber.
3.For Propelling Motor,we use Amer(Italy brand). Suction Motor, we use AMETEK( US brand).About Controller, we use PG(UK brand).
4.With good cleaning effect, comes with sewage recycling tank, sewage and sand can automatic go into the sewage tank.
5.For floor scrubber brush pan, our company is use Malish (US brand).

Product Details

Part I: Introduction of Driving Type Floor Scrubber

1.Floor scrubber cleaning machine is an indispensable ideal ground cleaning machine

2.With flexible operation ,bilateral brushes design and high cleaning effeciency

3.It applies  to municipal to  building site ,super markets ,factories workshops and a variety of public places. 

4.Floor scrubber not only can washing the ground, but also can drier the ground

Driving type scrubber dryer is suitable for surface cleaning of hard ground such as ceramic tile, mirror stone, polished cement, marble, plastic floor, small square brick, terrazzo, etc. It is an ideal cleaning tool for large warehouse, store, workshop, exhibition hall, venue, square, waiting hall, etc.

floor scrubber

Part II: Type of Floor Scrubber

We can produce hand push floor scrubber and driving type floor scrubber. For hand push type scrubber machine, the popular model is PA530, for driving type scrubber machine, the popular model is PA7. And we also have different model floor scrubber for different cleaning area. 

floor scrubber

Part III: Advantage of Driving Type Floor Scrubber

1.For Propelling Motor,we use Amer(Italy brand). Suction Motor, we use AMETEK( US brand).

2.About Controller, we use PG(UK brand)

3.It integrates washing and drying. The front double brush plate brush or cleaning pad can effectively clean the stubborn oil stains, stains, dirty water, soil, etc.. The rear arc-shaped water suction grill can effectively absorb the sewage. The floor that the floor washing machine passes through can achieve the effect of thorough drying, and there is no residue in cleaning.

floor scrubberPart IV:Our company

Our company mainly provide cleaning machine for many years, and mainly provide Six Series Products. As follows:

1.Small type municipal cleaning machine(also called roadway flusher)

2.Scrubber-Drier: It including hand push type and driving type

3.Sweeper:It  including driving full enclosed type, driving half enclosed type, driving type and manual type

4.Sweeper Scrubber-Drier: It including hand push type and driving type

5.Carpet Cleaner Machine

6.Snow Cleaning Machine

The rational allocation of resources laid the foundation for the sustainable and harmonious development of enterprise, we'll continue to make progress and develop, do our best to build a clean world with the times!


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