Electric Road Sweeper Supplier

Floor sweeper road cleaning machine is widely used in municipal sanitation, parks, residential areas, commercial walking street, parking lots, tourist attractions and other public places.

Product Details

Part I: Introduction of floor sweeper

Driving type cleaning floor sweeper with lead-acid batteries, is the automatic cleaning all-in-one machine integrated with the vacuuming, sweeping and spraying functions. The enlarged wheels offer better trafficability.

floor sweeper

Part II: Features of floor sweeper

1.Electric Control System: Automobile grade waterproof harness, integrated fuse box, with overload and undervoltage protection, adopt European and American electric control, it’s 48V

2.Operating System: Centralized control panel, simple and convenient.
3.Anti-impact Gear: The side brush adopts built-in spring for anti-collision, which automatically expands and retracts in case of obstacles, it can effectively protecting the motor.

4.Brake System: Adopt disc brake system to increase working efficiency.

5.Rolling plastic body, 80L rolling plastic water tank.

road sweeper

Part III: Our company

Our company is mainly provide road/floor cleaning machine for many years, adheres to the "People-Oriented" faith. We attract talents for continuous innovation. We carry out advanced management. We adhere to the principle of "Customer First, Service First". We aim to become a trustworthy supplier in the environmental protection equipment industry. 

The rational allocation of resources laid the foundation for the sustainable and harmonious development of enterprise, we'll continue to make progress and develop, do our best to build a clean world with the times!

floor sweeper

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