Snow Sweeping Machine

Snow Sweeping Machine

This model of sweeper machine is designed to meet the market demand for the introduction of low-cost mini snow sweeper, for the dealers who first contacted the snow sweeper, the price model greatly reduced the operational risk and improved the sales success rate. This kind of sweeper machine is mainly clean snow, and also clean some dust, small stones,etc.

Product Details

Part I: Introduction of Snow Sweeping Machine

his model of sweeper is designed to meet the market demand for the introduction of low-cost Mini sweeper. 

Part II: Features of Snow Sweeping Machine

1. Low cost mini manual snow sweeper, mainly facing small yards and non-rigid demand customers.

2. Also the ideal choice for customers to equip with daily disaster prevention and mitigation products.

3. The cleaning width is 80cm, the operation is simple, the use is convenient, and the storage space is saved.

4. Steel nylon mixed brush, to get good effect of snow sweeping.

5. Clean snow, and also cleans some dust, small stones, etc.

Mini Manual Snow Sweeper

Part III: sweeperTechnical datas


Longxin   7 horsepower, hand-start engine

Oil   Tank Capacity


Continuous   Working Time (hour)


Cleaning   Area

1900㎡ /hour

Sweeping   Width


Brush   Diameter


Cleaning   Thickness


Rolling   Brush Type

Steel   nylon mixed brush

Transmission   Mode

Friction   disc belt drive

Rotation   Angle

About   20 degree


4   forward gears, 2 backward gears

Part IV: Why choose us?

1. Professional service team, perfect service, deal with customer pre-sales and post-sales issues.

2. Products sell well in dozens of countries at home and abroad, professional products certified by customers.

3. Perfect 7 systems to protect customers.

Part V: Advantages 

1. Low temperature engine resistant to -25 to 40 degrees

2. Sweep width is greater than 1 meter

3. Fully enclosed super-super turbine box for industrial use, and lubricated by high-speed engine oil Import gates belts

4. Super large 16-inch snow anti-skid tire

5. Stiffen and widen rubber ring

6. Widen and reinforce the handle 


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