Sidewalk Snow Cleaning Machine

This type of sidewalk snow cleaning machine is an essential machine for snow clearing in the winter, it's widely used on organs, units, schools, parking lots, plazas, property communities, gardens, non-motor vehicle lanes, etc.

Product Details

Part I: Introduction of Sidewalk Snow Cleaning Machine

We have different model of sweeper machine,  suitable for cleaning from the narrowest spaces up to big space grounds. Our sweeper perform excellently both summer and winter and is a real gift to the homeowners.

This sidewalk snow cleaning machine suitable for the northern region of our country, it can widely used on schools, parking lots, squares, property areas,nd other widely used winter snow essential machinery.

Sidewalk Snow Removal Machines

Part II: Datas of PN85 Sidewalk Snow Cleaning Machine


Longxin 7 horsepower, hand-start engine

Oil Tank Capacity


Continuous Working Time (hour)


Cleaning Area

1900 m2 /hour

Sweeping Width


Brush Diameter


Cleaning Thickness


Rolling Brush Type

Steel nylon mixed brush

Transmission Mode

Friction disc belt drive

Rotation Angle

About 20 degree


4 forward gears, 2 backward gears

Part III: Introduction of Our Company

Our company mainly provide cleaning machine for many years, and mainly provide these type of cleaning machine:

1.Scrubber-Drier: It including hand push type and driving type

2.Sweeper machine: It including driving full enclosed type, driving half enclosed type, driving type and manual type

3.Sweeper Scrubber-Drier: It including hand push type and driving type

4.Carpet Cleaner Machine

5.Snow Cleaning Machine

The rational allocation of resources laid the foundation for the sustainable and harmonious development of enterprise, we'll continue to make progress and develop, do our best to build a clean world with the times!



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