What's The Difference Between Hand Push Floor Scrubber And Driving Floor Scrubber?

- Jan 20, 2020-

What's the difference between hand push floor scrubber and driving floor scrubber?

With the development of cleaning equipment, we can always contact with all kinds of washing equipment, and the emergence of washing equipment has changed the traditional cleaning method. Many large shopping malls, hotels, supermarkets, airports, railway stations and other places gradually use the driving washing machine to replace the manual cleaning work.


Operation difference between hand push and driving floor washer:

  1. Hand push floor washer can be used for basic cleaning of the ground, ground maintenance and daily cleaning of the ground in small and medium-sized areas, such as warehouse, factory workshop, square ground, etc;

  2. The driving washing machine can complete the work of washing and drying in a short working time. The brush plate and suction grill can be lifted up automatically, so that the inconvenience caused by uneven ground and slope can be easily handled.

  3. The operation mode is different. The manual floor washing machine needs to be pushed and walked by people, which requires manpower. The driving floor washing machine does not need too much manpower. It can drive the floor washing machine by sitting, which saves manpower and material resources, time and labor.

  4. Both sides have advantages, but now it seems that the advantages of the driving washing machine are more obvious, especially the small driving washing machine, whether it is cleaning efficiency or cleaning area, is more suitable for the needs of large-scale cleaning.

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