What Kind Of Floor Scrubber Is Suitable For The Parking Lot?

- Dec 10, 2019-

What kind of floor scrubber is suitable for the parking lot? In the face of the increase of the number of cars, the infrastructure of the city has to be improved. The increase of cars has greatly promoted the development of the parking lot. Then how to solve the problem of cleaning, so many parking lots is a headache for many people. How to clean the parking lot? A driving floor scrubber can replace the cleaning efficiency of several people. Driving washing machine is your best choice.

The driving floor scrubber can improve the cleaning efficiency and clean image. Generally, it can be cleaned with clean water, which is not only environmental protection but also economic. Clean the ground and take the dirt out of the parking lot. At the same time, clean the ground and wet it once to avoid secondary dust.

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If it's very dirty, neutral detergent can be used for cleaning, or general detergent can be used to add water with a small concentration to make cleaning solution. There are more oil stains, and chemical oil solution can be used for cleaning. If it is floor paint, pay attention to the edge part of floor paint not to have ponding for a long time.

The development of modern parking lot is the inevitable outcome of urbanization. For the cleaning management of parking lot and the introduction of advanced cleaning equipment and scientific cleaning management methods, it not only reflects the ability of environmental management level of a region, but also the important embodiment of advanced property management level. The application of washing machine can improve the efficiency and quality of cleaning, and thoroughly solve the sanitation problem of parking lot.

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