The Deposit From European Customer For Floor Sweeper

- Aug 26, 2020-

Last week we have received an order from European customer for floor sweeper, and our ride on floor sweeper have these advantages:

1、Our company produced floor sweeper is an automatic cleaning machine combining dust collection, sweeping and water spraying, which is used in outdoor environment.

2、It is mainly used for outdoor cleaning of parks, environmental sanitation, cleaning companies, property management, large factories and universities.

3、The Industrial Electric Road Sweeper adopts advanced high-performance maintenance free battery, no leakage and no harmful gas.

4、The driving electric sweeper has international advanced cleaning and throwing technology, and the theoretical value of dust box utilization rate can reach 100%.

5、Reliable high-quality parts can effectively reduce the maintenance and repair costs of driving electric sweeper.

6、Solid tire, special for airport, strong and durable, to ensure the safety of driving electric sweeper.

floor sweeper