How To Use Carpet Cleaner

- Dec 25, 2019-

Carpet cleaning machine as we can see, such as in hotel, supermarket, office building and cleaning company are all equipped with carpet yard, and these places are large area of carpet laying, when cleaning the carpet can not be cleaned manually, so the carpet washer comes into being. Let us look at the introduction to the carpet cleaner. 

Cleaning machine details show:

One, main use: use patent foaming technology, bubble making, rolling brush, suction and drying in one. Fast drying and cleaning performance to ensure that the carpet can be put into service immediately, especially suitable for mid-term maintenance of the carpet. 

Coordinate with C4 carpet high-pressure washer for thorough cleaning, can meet the requirement of continuous carpet maintenance, and provide beautiful and clean carpet permanently. 

Carpet Cleaner

Scope of Use:

In general, carpet washers are not suitable for domestic life, as the volume of carpet cleaner and its price determine this unsuitable performance. Carpet cleaning machine is generally suitable for hotel, supermarket, office, large conference room and other places, carpet cleaner can bring a lot of convenience to staff. 

The carpet washer can quickly dry the carpet after cleaning the carpet and put into use again in time; Frequent cleaning can reduce the growth of bacteria and improve the appearance of the environment; Efficient energy saving, reduce water consumption and save resources. 


3. Product Category:

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