How To Choose Suitable Floor Sweeper Cleaning Machine?

- Mar 11, 2021-

As we know, the floor sweeping machine have two different type, the one is hand push type floor sweeper, the other is driving type floor sweeper. In addition, they also have different model, so how to choose a suitable model sweeping cleaning machine is important for the user. I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce it brifely.

1) Driving sweeper is used in streets, factories, workshops, parks and other scenes; hand push sweeper is used on relatively small space. Driving sweeper is divided into fuel sweeper and electric sweeper from the power. Fuel sweeper is generally used in the scene of long working hours and large cleaning area in urban sanitation, which can complete long-time tasks; electric sweeper is used in the scene of fixed cleaning area in factories, workshops and parks.

2) Different working scenes need to match different sweepers. In fact, the main factor of sweeper selection depends on the area of working. The working efficiency is the cleaning area per hour, is marked in the description of each sweeper. As a customer, we can match the corresponding sweeper as long as we know our daily fixed cleaning area.

3) Does that mean that I have a cleaning task of 25000 square meters? Just buy a sweeper? The actual situation is not so. This cleaning efficiency is only an ideal theoretical value. In the actual scene, because of the complexity of the site, the user's operating habits, the different types of garbage, the weather, temperature and other factors, this theoretical value can not be touched. At present, the mainstream sweeper in the market, no matter how powerful its performance is, we will give a 70% discount to its maximum cleaning area, which is basically the upper limit of the actual cleaning capacity.

4) When users choosefloor sweepers, they all hope to have good quality and low price. This idea is right, but I solemnly remind you: we must choose the relatively cheap businesses on the premise that the equipment capacity meets the cleaning task. If we pay too much attention to low price, it may lead to the embarrassing situation of "spending money can not solve the problem".

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