Four Sets Of Floor Sweeper Delivery To Customer

- Oct 13, 2020-

With the continuous progress of science and technology, the cleaning work of many enterprises has been transformed from manual cleaning to sweeper cleaning. Especially for larger units, they buy driving sweepers. 

The powerful performance of the driving sweeper solves the problem of both cleaning efficiency and cleaning effect. It is the so-called: one machine in hand, clean without worry! And the floor sweeper also is more and more popular. A customer bought 4 sets of sweeper machine from our company.

One set of G80: Cleaning width is 1400mm, Working efficiency: 8800m²/h, Working time: 6-8h, Capacity of water tank/bin tank: 80L/160L

One set of G1900: Cleaning width is 1900mm, Working efficiency: 15000m²/h, Working time: 4-6h, Capacity of water tank/bin tank: 120L/180L

Two set of 2000ZX: Cleaning width is 1000mm, Working efficiency: 17000m²/h, Working time: 4-6h, Capacity of water tank/bin tank: 150L/240L, and this type of sweeper is Self unloading Bin.