Five Sets Of Floor Scrubber Dryer Delivery To North America

- May 02, 2020-

2020 is a “full of changes” year, COVID-19 has been lasting for a long time, most places of the world are influenced, and seems it shall not end within a short time, but life goes on.

Since May we get more feedbacks from our clients, more machines are shipped, and more clients are discussing with us about the new projects, they say they are planning for the future, when everything gets back to normal, surely market shall recover, even better than before.

One of our customers in North America has ordered 5 sets of scrubber dryer, there is delivery pictures.

floor scrubber dryer

Our products with high quality, such as:

1.Propelling Motor,we use Amer(Italy brand). 

2.Suction Motor, we use AMETEK(US brand).

3.About Controller, we use PG(UK brand).

4.For floor scrubber brush pan, our company is use Malish (US brand).

5.Use polyurethane anti pulley.

6.Lead acid maintenance free battery and so on.

scrubber drier

If you are interested in it, or need other kinds of cleaning machine, such as sweeper machine, carpet extractor, power snow broom, etc., please contact me ASAP.

Whatsapp/Skype: 008618339818406


floor scrubber drier