Delivery Of 30 Sets Carpet Extractor

- Jul 04, 2016-

For the portable carpet cleaner machine, we have different types. Such as PC15, PC18, PE24 and PE53 is mainly to clean the carpet, if change the cleaning head, it also can clean the curtain, sofa, etc..


PC15 and PC18 carpet extractor is mainly to clean corridor's carpet and home carpet. PE24 and PE53 is mainly clean the carpets in hotel rooms, office buildings, banquet halls and restaurants, etc..

carpet extractor PE-9 is a small type, it's mainly to clean curtain, sofa or mattress, of course it also can clean the carpet, but the cleaning area is very small. 

After our clients test our machine, he order 30 sets carpet extractor. There is a delivery picture, please check it. If you are interested in it, please contact us.




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