Analysis Of The Present Situation Of The Garbage Classification (1)

- Nov 18, 2019-

With the acceleration of the urbanization process and the improvement of the people living standard, the total amount of domestic garbage is increasing, and the "garbage-around city", as a serious city disease, has been a wake-up call for us. At the same time, at the same time, the domestic "classification of waste" in recent years seems to have little effect. We should do what we should do in the face of the continued surrounding of the waste?

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According to the statistics released by the Ministry of Environmental Protection, a total of 246 large and medium-sized cities in 2015 have published the information on the prevention and control of environmental pollution by solid waste, and the total amount of domestic waste in these cities is about 1.86 billion tons, according to the statistics released by the Ministry of Environmental Protection. The number is just a "the tip of the iceberg". According to the 2010 statistics of the China Urban Environmental Sanitation Association, Chinaundefineds annual domestic garbage generation amount is about 400 million tons, and the urban domestic garbage is also increasing at a rate of 5% to 8% each year.


In cities where relevant information is to be released, the vast amount of domestic waste in the north is in the forefront; in addition, cities in some of the coastal developed regions also produce a large amount of domestic waste.


As the "garbage-around city" problem becomes more and more serious, the pollution of the waste to the environment and the harm to the public health of the public have appeared. China still has a large gap in the area of garbage collection, handling capacity and so on, and some of the cities are stacked in open air in the suburbs, causing serious pollution to the atmosphere, the soil and the water environment; and a large amount of kitchen waste is mixed with other garbage to be buried or incinerated, The production of toxic substances is a threat to the health of the population.

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It is concerned that the "garbage-around city" is not only urban, but also in the rural areas. With the rising of the living standard of the farmers and the increasing number of rural household garbage, the related research shows that the average daily life of the rural household is 0.8kg per person per day. According to the measurement of the rural resident population of 600 million in the country by the end of 2015, the amount of the rural domestic garbage is 175 million tons per year. At the same time, the work of rural domestic garbage treatment in China is still at the beginning stage. In the country 58.8 million administrative villages, only 218,000 of domestic garbage treatment are carried out, and a large amount of rural domestic garbage is simply buried or burned.  (to be continued)