Why do we need power snow broom in winter?

- May 21, 2020-

Many countries will have snow in winter, including china. After snow, in order to facilitate travel, some places are cleaned manually, especially in schools, students are generally arranged to clean the snow. Once there was a news report that a junior high school girl swept snow for three hours in school, and her fingers were severely frostbitten and nearly amputated, so snow sweepers are becoming more and more popular.

snow sweeper

The biggest advantage of snow sweeper is that it can adapt to different road conditions without the help of salt or snow melting agent. It can quickly clean the road surface without damage the marking line and the road surface, the snow removal efficiency is more than 95%. High density and high elasticity steel wire rolling brush can remove the thin ice and compacted snow on the road surface, and the speed of snow removal is fast, which can greatly shorten the cleaning time.

Our snow sweeper is powerful and clean. It can move forward and backward by itself. The operator only needs to master the direction and has an emergency stop switch. When have obstacles or emergency, the equipment can stop working quickly. Please contact me if you need a snow sweeper.

power snow broom