Who is the Target Customer for the Road Sweeper Supplier?

- Dec 17, 2019-

Who is the Target Customer for the Road Sweeper Supplier? This is the problem that our sweeper manufacturers need to pay attention. If you want to know the answer, first, you should know which field the sweeper is most widely used. As a road sweeper manufacturer for many years, We believe that the following three areas are the most widely used.

1. Public place

We should pay more attention to the cleaning of public places. Now the policy has high requirements for the sanitation of public places, which is enough for us to focus on public places. The ride on floor sweeper suitable for open air or indoor places such as park square, high-speed railway station square, sidewalk auxiliary road of each Avenue, stadium, school campus, exhibition hall, airport apron, etc. 

floor sweeper

2. Industrial field

Whether it is a production company or a storage logistics company, you can use road sweeper. The production-type company generally occupy a large area, you can use floor sweeper to clean production workshop, and you also can use it on the periphery of the factory building or the industrial park. Storage logistics company have large storage center logistics parks. The cleaning of the ground is often done by electric sweepers. The ride on  industrial floor sweeper has obvious advantages in cleaning under such a large area.

3. Business field

With the development of the property industry, more and more large-scale commercial or residential areas, property services are outsourcing. In some large shopping malls, supermarkets, apartments and even residential areas, electric floor sweeper are used for cleaning. With the sales of our floor sweeper, the underground garage of the commercial center and the cleaning of the villa residential area have become a common trend. 

Of course, there are many application areas of electric floor  sweeper, some areas will be subdivided according to the size of the model of electric sweeper, and there will be additional application areas according to the drive of the sweeper, but in general, the application of electric sweeper is roughly divided into the above three general areas. So that's our target customers.

ride on floor sweeper