Which One is More Cost Effective for Hand Push Scrubber and Driving Scrubber?

- Jan 06, 2020-

Nowadays, it is the general trend for factories and enterprises to purchase scrubber machine for cleaning, but which kind of scrubber machine they should use? Hand Push Scrubber or Driving Scrubber? Which one is more cost-effective? Which one is more suitable? The main differences are as follows:

1. They operate is different. This is obvious. I don't need to say that the manual push type needs to be pushed by people. But for driving type, the operator is sitting when they work, and it's easy to operate, and the operates with good working conditions and high efficiency.

2. The cleaning efficiency is obviously different: the hand push floor scrubber cleans 1500-2500 square meters per hour, which is equivalent to the cleaning efficiency of 6-12 people. The use cost is low, and the machine is relatively cheap. The cleaning efficiency of the driving floor scrubber can reach 2500-6000 square meters per hour, equivalent to the cleaning efficiency of 12-25 people, but the machine price is relatively high. The driving washing machine is suitable for cleaning the factory workshop, office building, warehouse, supermarket, hotel, hospital, school, waiting hall, subway station and other relatively open ground. The driving mode also has automatic lifting of brush plate, suction grill, large battery capacity, etc., which is easy to learn, long operation time and can work continuously for 4-6 hours at a time. Therefore, we need to make a reasonable choice according to our own clean places and budget funds, and we also need to understand the price of vulnerable parts and calculate the long-term use cost.

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3. Let's talk about the difference of price. The price of a good hand washing machine is between 1500-3000USD, while the price of a driving washing machine is generally between 2500-8000USD. A driving floor scrubber is equivalent to the price of three hand push scrubber machine. According to our experience, although the hand push washing machine has obvious advantages over the traditional cleaning method, it is incomparable with the driving washing machine. If the ground in the cleaning area is relatively open and over 3000 square meters, it is recommended to buy a driving type floor washer. After all, there are also labor costs. Now, we need a cleaner, plus insurance and so on. The expenses are not small. A driving washing machine only needs one worker, and three hand push washing machines need three workers. 

In fact, the driving floor scrubber is the mainstream of cleaning in the future. With the development of society, our concept should also be innovated. Buying a proper scrubber machine in advance can not only improve the efficiency of cleaning, but also change the working image of cleaning workers!

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