Which kind of floor scrubber is suitable for market?

- Feb 14, 2020-

First of all, we need to analyze the characteristics of shopping malls, supermarkets, etc. and select the appropriate electric floor washer model according to its characteristics. Characteristics of shopping mall and supermarket cleaning: compared with factories and shopping malls, shopping malls and supermarkets are relatively narrow, fresh, aquatic, cooked food areas have more water on the ground, and the passenger flow is relatively large, so the hand push electric floor scrubber is the most suitable.

1.Scope of application: at present, the floors of shopping malls and supermarkets are mainly as follows: epoxy resin floors, emery floors, ceramic tile floor, marble floor, terrazzo floor, cement floor, non slip floor, small block brick floor, etc., and the electric floor scrubber has very good cleaning effect on these hard floors, so almost all shopping malls and supermarkets can use the floor scrubber to clean.

floor scrubber

2.Use effect: the ground of the supermarket is different from the oily ground of the factory. The ground is more dusty, muddy and watery. The front brush plate or cleaning pad of the electric floor scrubber can effectively clean the dust, soil, etc.. The rear part absorbs water and quickly absorbs the sewage. The ground is dry and clean without water stains.

3.Efficiency: Large supermarkets or shopping malls are often equipped with multiple cleaners to complete the cleaning work of shopping malls and supermarkets. In general, the cleaning efficiency of the floor scrubber in shopping malls and supermarkets is 2000㎡/h, and the cleaning efficiency can reach 4500㎡/h. Therefore, one machine can replace multiple cleaners. A supermarket or shopping mall with an electric floor scrubber needs one cleaner to clean the ground, Save time, effort and cost!

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