Where is the hand sweeper suitable for?

- Jul 07, 2020-

Where is the hand sweeper suitable for?


The sweeping machine is now a popular cleaning equipment, especially the hand-push sweeping machine is more and more popular. Because the cleaning efficiency is high and time can be used effectively, the fatigue of cleaning staff and the time to clean the ground are greatly reduced, so where are the hand sweepers suitable? Here is a brief introduction for everyone.


1. The main street of pedestrian street: the hand-push sweeper can be used on the pedestrian street, the work intensity of the sweeping staff will be greatly reduced, and the work efficiency will be greatly improved


2. Residential quarters: The hand-push sweeper can carry 50L of garbage at a time, without frequent dumping, and it will not cause confusion and secondary pollution during cleaning, and will prevent dust from spreading, especially in windy season


3. Factory workshop: the sweeper can improve the cleaning time and cleanliness, and even the fine crushing is not a problem

 Hand-held floor sweeper

4. Environmental sanitation roads: There are many types of street pavement garbage and large area. The force sweeper does not need electricity and oil, and it is easy to operate and has high cleaning efficiency.

5. Workshop and warehouse: The workshop and warehouse with small area are not suitable for large-scale driving sweepers. The manual sweeping is time-consuming and incomplete. The hand-push sweeper has a small model and is flexible in use.


Pay attention to maintenance during the use of the hand-push sweeper, so as to extend the service life of the machine.

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