What floor scrubber is suitable for cleaning company?

- Jul 23, 2020-

What floor scrubber is suitable for cleaning company?

China's economy is becoming more and more prosperous, and cleanliness is getting more and more attention.


Nowadays, cleaning equipment is used to clean the market on the ground. Various brands, imported from abroad and produced in China, make users dazzled when they buy. At present, many brands in the market, how to choose the washer suitable for their own needs? Here we introduce our A7 Auto rider floor scrubber.


Through the investigation, we found that A7 driving floor scrubber is more suitable for cleaning company to use clean ground, Medium Rider Floor Scrubber PA7 is an agile and easy-operating auto floor scrubber. With a very small turning radius, this machine is very flexible and offers excellent maneuverability. It is suitable for large and medium area but can also perform very well in narrow area. The machine also features large tank capacity and is easy to fill with fresh water. Therefore, A7 floor scrubber is widely considered as China's driving washing machine.


In recent years, China's cleaning equipment in all aspects of the technical level is also constantly improving. Today, the share of imported brands in China is becoming smaller and smaller, the main reason is the high price. In China, due to its own quality problems, the washing machine brand is gradually eliminated, and the price advantage can not last for a long time From a long-term point of view, or to wash the product quality as the dominant position.

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