What are the advantages of steam car wash machine?

- Apr 02, 2021-

With the continuous development of the economy, the rapid development of the automobile industry has led to the continuous progress of car wash services. Now in the car wash industry, the traditional car wash method is gradually replaced by a new type of car wash method. Below we will mention a relatively new type of car wash method. --Steam car wash, next, let us list the advantages of steam car wash machine.

steam cleaning machine

The so-called steam car wash is actually an emerging mode of car washing. It uses the unique effect of steam to disinfect and decontaminate, dissolve the dirt and dirt that adhere to the surface of the vehicle, and make it easier to detach from the surface of the vehicle. So as to achieve the purpose of cleaning.

Advantages of steam car wash machine

1) Strong adaptability

Steam car wash has the advantage of no waste water pollution. Car wash service can be carried out to door-to-door mobile car wash, underground parking lot, large shopping mall parking lot, home user self-service car wash, etc., which can be adapted to various places.

steam cleaner

2) Wide range of cleaning objects

The steam car washing machine can flexibly adjust the dry humidity. Unlike high-pressure car washing, in addition to washing the car body, it can also clean the engine (which is impossible with traditional washing) to clean the sofa, ceiling, accessories, etc. in the car to achieve a comprehensive cleaning.

steam machine

3) Respond to energy-saving trends

The traditional way of washing a car not only wastes water, but also produces a lot of foamy sewage, which pollutes groundwater and soil greatly. In order to protect the environment, the steam car washing machine is the best way to replace cold water car washing. It only produces high-temperature steam, completely tap water produces no foam, and produces very little exhaust gas during combustion, thus completely subverting the dirty and messy phenomenon of cold water car washing.

steam car wash machine