Things to be aware of when using the brushing machine

- Aug 06, 2019-

1. The ground brush and the felt brush can't be used wrongly. When cleaning the carpet, use a soft felt brush; when cleaning the ground, use a hard brush.

2. Wet the carpet and put some detergent before cleaning the carpet.

3. The machine cannot be started continuously, so as to avoid damage to the centrifugal switch of the motor. The interval start must be performed after the centrifugal switch returns.

4. The user control switch fuse current needs to be more than 2 times higher than the local current.

5. If the machine is not used for a long time, it needs to be turned on once in about half a month to make the motor coil run, avoiding the moisture of the coil and the performance degradation.

6. The machine should be stored in a dry and ventilated environment after use.

7. Brushing machine can not run continuously for a long time, continuous working time is within 2H, it is necessary to stop the machine

8. Users need to purchase machines with matching power according to their own clean environment or place. They can't use low-power machines in high-power working environment or places, so as to avoid the machine burning out the motor due to too much load increase.

9. If the machine is equipped with an overload protector, if the load is too large and the machine stops working, the overload protector can be activated after about 10 seconds, and the machine can work again.

10. If the machine motor burns out due to other reasons, such as smoking or odor, stop working immediately, unplug the power cord, contact the distributor or the Guangzhou Jieba Engineering Department.

11. Do not operate the machine outdoors when it is raining, to avoid damage and leakage of the machine.

12. Do not press the machine on the power cord when it is in use, otherwise it will be dangerous.