The basic structure and principle of snow removal

- Dec 17, 2020-

The basic structure and principle of snow removal

Snow blowers are also known as snow blowers, snow blowers, and snow blowers. They have strong power and high suction power. The snow throwing head can reach 10-15 meters; it can walk and reverse automatically, and the operator only needs to master the direction. All its spare parts are produced by stamping, die-casting, casting and spraying, thoroughly realizing standardized, large-scale and standardized production. This advanced snow-clearing and snow-sweeping machine is particularly suitable for northern China. It is a widely used machine for clearing snow in winter, such as agencies, units, schools, parking lots, squares, property communities, gardens, and non-motorized driveways.

basic structure:

It is mainly composed of prime mover, transmission device, snow collecting device, snow throwing device, walking system and operating system.

Snow removal principle:

1. The snow collecting device is used to collect snow, mainly using snow shovel or spiral auger.

2. The snow throwing device throws the collected snow to one side of the road. The main methods are snow throwing impeller and blower.

3. The walking device is used to realize the advancement of the machine. There are two types: hand-push type and self-propelled type.

4. The operating device mainly controls the operation and direction of the equipment.

5. The power is provided by the prime mover during work, and the power is transmitted to the working part and the walking system through the worm gear or belt drive.

6. Snow is collected into a cavity by the snow collecting device, and then removed from the body by the snow throwing device. The snow throwing impeller uses the centrifugal force during high-speed rotation to throw the snow. The blower uses airflow to blow out the snow.

7. Driven by manpower (hand-push type) or prime mover (self-propelled), the small automatic deicing and snow sweeper keeps moving forward to achieve continuous snow accumulation, effectively saving manpower and material resources

Hand Push Snow Sweeper