On the necessity of cleaning equipment

- Aug 04, 2020-

On the necessity of cleaning equipment

Nowadays, from the perspective of the national cleaning industry market, many large enterprises have devoted themselves to the research and development of cleaning equipment products and cleaning services. There are countless national cleaning service companies, and the market prospect of the cleaning industry is broad.


The cleaning industry has been developing in China for 30 years. It has experienced a process from scratch to existence, from stumbling to sunrise. With the development of economy and technology.The concept of "clean" has penetrated into every field of people's life and attracted more and more attention. However, every practitioner is well aware that, while the clean market is becoming more and more mature and opportunities are constantly emerging, due to the influence of many factors, such as late start-up, lack of technical capital, scale of industrialization, lack of product standards and service standards, and outdated consumption concept, the effectiveness of new technologies and new products has not been fully exerted, and even misunderstood by traditional concepts and understandings The confinement and confinement of the district.


In recent years, although China's cleaning industry has made great progress, there is a big gap between China and other countries in terms of technology and product quality. The majority of cleaning equipment manufacturers in China lack the ability of independent development and production, and the product performance is unstable. Domestic cleaning equipment occupies a certain market share in the low-end market because of the price war.


In the face of the opportunities and challenges brought by the market, it is an effective channel to calmly analyze the current situation of the industry, introduce more modern international standard system, equipment products and concepts with a newer market concept and a longer-term strategic perspective, so as to meet the market demand for the industry to a greater extent and form a new business model.


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