Method for extending the life of the scrubber

- Jul 22, 2019-

1. When the work is finished, remove the carpet brush or ground brush of the scrubber and clean it to avoid deformation of the bristles caused by long-term compression of the machine.

2. Empty and clean the recovery tank. In the process of using the scrubber, the machine draws a mixture of water containing sludge, which easily accumulates in the tank and gives off an unpleasant odor. Therefore, it is necessary to wash the water tank of the scrubber with running water.

3. Empty the water tank, especially when the washing machine is not used frequently for cleaning work, otherwise the water that does not flow will become a source of bacteria.

4. Check if the squeegee is clean. If it needs to be cleaned, use running water to clean the squeegee strip and the suction port of the scrubber.

5. Clean the suction pipe connected to the squeegee, which not only can effectively extend the service life of the washing machine, but also can avoid the local uncleaned obstruction affecting its water absorption effect.

6. Regularly check the scrubber and squeegee wear of the scrubber. If the ground is extremely abrasive, strong pressure on the ground can damage these attachments or speed up their wear.

7. Regularly check the water absorption filter of the scrubber. Sometimes, the filter will be blocked due to small water impurities, which will affect the water outflow during the process of cleaning the ground. It is worth noting that the flowing water can be cleaned.

8. Clean the drain pipe regularly with clean water to prevent residual detergent from corroding the inner wall of the drain pipe of the scrubber and also prevent bacteria from growing inside.

9. When cleaning the machine, clean the power cord with a dry cloth, and wipe the body and the machine disk (outer, bottom) with a dry cloth.

10. When the scrubber is not used, hang the power cord around the machine after fully charging the battery. Place the machine in a dry and ventilated place to avoid the impact of the humid environment on the motor and shorten the service life.