How to use floor scrubber to clean the floor more cleanly?

- Feb 18, 2020-

When using the electric floor scrubber to clean the ground, it is often found that the cleaning effect for same type of equipment in different cleaning environments is very different, which is often related to the use of machine users, so how can we use the electric floor scrubber to clean the ground more cleanly?

1.For the selection of brush or cleaning pad of electric scrubber drier, if the ground is very dirty and the ground is wear-resistant, we should use a hard bristle floor brush or a coarser cleaning pad, such as a dark color cleaning pad such as black or brown, so that the friction on the ground will be greater, so as to achieve better cleaning effect.

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2.The pressure regulation of the brush of the electric floor scrubber, for many large hand push floor washing machine or driving floor scrubber, the pressure regulation of the brush can be generally carried out. The pressure of the brush disc of these machines to the ground can generally be adjusted from 50kg to 100kg, some of which are continuously adjustable, some of which are proportional adjustment. The greater the pressure, the better the cleaning effect;

3.Before the electric floor scrubber dryer starts to clean the ground, it is better to clean the ground first. This not only improve the cleaning effect, but also reduce the wear of the machine.

4. For particularly dirty or waxy ground, clean twice (thoroughly), and use proper detergent. In the first cleaning process, clean the ground with detergent. The amount of detergent depends on the hardness of the ground. In the first cleaning process, the water absorbent shall be lifted to clean, that is, the sewage on the ground shall not be dried first, but the water containing detergent shall be used to soak the dirt on the ground, and the floor scrubber shall be used to clean the ground for the second time after staying for about 5 to 10 minutes scrub and then lower the suction grill for subsequent work.

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