How to choose the floor scrubber?

- Feb 20, 2020-

Floor scrubber is more and more popular, but how to choose the right one? Let me give you a brief introduction:

First of all, you have to look at your own ground conditions:

Types of garbage and dirt: greasy dirt, stains, tire marks, dust, granular garbage, etc. different ground materials should use different methods and methods.

floor scrubber

Secondly, which kind of material for the floor?

The floor scrubber integrates the advantages of high performance, durability, high efficiency and so on. It is specially designed to provide the best solution for the small and medium-sized industrial and commercial floor cleaning, which is suitable for all industrial and commercial environments. There are epoxy resin floor, paint floor, concrete, ceramic tile floor, etc. to complete the floor cleaning of production workshop, warehouse, logistics center, supermarket, etc. in a perfect and efficient way. The cleaning can automatically complete the sewage recycling at the same time, so as to achieve a really efficient and perfect cleaning effect!


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